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Full Version: New Forum!
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I just started my new Gamers forum, Its all about gaming and computing, anything and everything you need is there! I only had it up for a week or so,I am still working on images, and playing around with new plug-ins etc. I still have some time left to have it complete.

I am looking for two Staff and 1 Mods. And of course members.

I Have lots of info for the site, just have to be uploaded.

So any suggestions and feedback will be great.

Join and have fun...
How many video game forums does the world need?

What are you offering that other sites aren't already?
Well, if you looked its not all gaming, it has a wide range of things...still in progress.

Sorry, your forum contains hacking content: <snip>

@Mods: After this has been closed, someone snip my link.

We do not offer support or allow forums to be showcased if they contain hacking material, warez or any other illegal content or discussion. This is an ethical policy we have as we do not want to condone these activities, or allow use of the showcase forum to advertise forums with this content.

Feel free to PM me any questions you have regarding this.

MyBB Support Team.