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Full Version: display a group image
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I've created a few groups but I want to add some group images to make it look a little more fancy, can someone tell me how? and do they have to be a certain file type?

In each groups settings (ACP --> Users & Groups --> Groups (Sidebar) there is a field called 'Group Image'. All you need to do is put the path to the image from the root and it doesn't matter what extension it is. For example you could put 'images/groupimages/english/admin.png'. Smile
For some reason it only works with the images that came with mybb like tea-administrator.gif
How do I put my own in?
Just upload them to the same folder and change the name and extension. There isn't any reason why it wouldn't work. Just remember this Linux is case-sensitive Smile
what do you mean change the name and extension?
I mean the file name and extension. i.e. filename.extension (gif/png/etc.)
I converted one of them to a gif and it said what the picture said, for example I had a logo for Staff and it put "Staff"
Can we have a link?
I'm running it locally at the moment.
Ok if you look in the source of the page and can you tell us what the group image links to?
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