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Full Version: make plugins show up
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I've downloaded some plugins and uploaded them to the root directory but when I go to plugins in ACP it only shows the hello world plugin and the other that mybb comes with, what am I doing wrong?

You need to put the plugin files into the inc/plugins folder Smile
I did that too! But it does't show up in the ACP Sad
If it doesn't show up then that probably means it's not a valid plugin or something.

Which one/s are you trying to add?
And, can you give us proof that you uploaded them to inc/plugins so we can be sure?
Err well when I copy it it already has the other two plugins that come with mybb in the directory? e.g. Hello World
Alright, but since you have new plugins, and they're not the same as the default ones, they should go in.
Okay, well what do I do then?
When you download plugins, make sure you add them to inc/plugins
I just said thats what I've done but it doesn't appear when I go to activate it
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