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Full Version: user cp stoped working
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my use cp pannel page has stoped working

all i get is a white blank page

should i re up load usercp.php ? (i have done settings tonight to stop invisible users[/align]
What did you do to stop invisible users?? View the page source of the User CP, what's there??
And that's all you changed?? Can we have your URL and a test account??
i have reuploaded the template can some one disable this for me i dont have a clue what to do

i dont want member to have invisible from online list

if so pm me me and ill give you acp accsess
Well I've already asked for a test account so yes, I'll have a look.
Code removed, won't be able to be invisible now, everything should be as you need.
many thanks Big Grin will it just me who can put people in that mode ?
Yes, you can set this via the ACP.