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Full Version: [REQUEST] Quick Theme Change
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Ok can't wait.
I have a Quick Skin Changer that i will be sharing/releasing here very soon.. in addition to making a Quick Skin Changer... i also made a Quick Language Changer which i will be releasing most likely at the same time.
Did I just say I already made a Quick Skin changer? :\
Yes you did say that. Altho i have no idea what your making skin changer and my comments above about making one as well have anything to do with one another. I was simply stating that i will have one to share as well along with a Language Changer. There can be more than one of this item available.
Its kind of pointless to have two of the same thing?
But you said yours is for 1.2, while 2$CoMpLiCaTeD$4u's one is for 1.1.* versions.
ahh ok
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