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Full Version: 1.4 to 1.6 Upgrade lock?
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I am following and at step 6. Once there, I get an

The installer is currently locked, please remove 'lock' from the install directory to continue

I have looked for anything that looks like a "lock" file in the install directory and don't see anything.

What do I do to remove this lock so I can run the script?
delete that, it should be there.
OK, I found my mistake, I somehow was looking at the casche/install/. But now even more confused. After running the script, it upgraded me to 1.4.11?! How do I upgrade to 1.6?
I'm guessing upgrade.php was not uploaded successfully.
Use the attachment below, drag and drop into /www/install/
Then run the script again.
download the 1.6 zip
unzip it and upload to your mybb directory run the upgrade
I did. Thats what is confusing. OK, ill try again.
OK, that is odd. Not sure what happened, but after uploading all over again it appeared to work, although it looked like everything was the same (I.E. permissions already at 777, which I assumed would change.). Thanks for the help again.
You wouldn't have uploaded the files properly if it still said 1.4.11 afterwards, and there's no install folder in the cache folder so it sounds like you put all your files there or something.