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Full Version: Move thread profile from horizontal to vertical by default?
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Hi everyone (again)

I was wondering if there was a way to move the profile in posts (where the username and avatars, psots etc... are) from horitzontal, to vertical by default?

I want everyone to be able to see the profiles as vertical.

Thank you Smile

(Oh and while i'm here, how do I change the color of the blue wordbox i'm typing in)?
acp>configuration>show thread>pst layout choose Display posts using the classic layout.
all colours are controlled by your themes global.css as its not clear from your description what you'd like to change, can't say which bit you need to change.
ACP >> Configuration >> Show Thread Options >> Post Layout >> Display posts using the classic layout

If you want to force this on existing members that are using the horizontal layout run this query in phpMyAdmin:

UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `classicpostbit` = '1' WHERE `classicpostbit` = '0' 

If you want to stop people changing back to the horizontal layout you'll also need to make some template edits.

You can change the background of the textarea in global.css
Thanks for the speedy replies. I got the profile thing done Smile

I've changed the textarea background, I can't seem to find where to change the actual box where the Bold Italic, Underline buttons are. That thingy. Maybe im just looking at the wrong things in global?
You can change which editor you use at ACP >> Templates & Style >> *yourtheme*

If you want to edit it further than that you'll need edit the stylesheet.css file at ./jscripts/editor_themes/*editorname*/
Thank you for the help Smile