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Full Version: MyBB 1.6 Chinese Language Packs and Chinese verion
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It is late for me to update our Chinese language packs and Chinese version of MyBB here since we have been fully finished all the these work on 7th, Aug. Here is the datail.


Language Pack:

Chinese version Full Package:

If you are Chinese users, please feel free to visit our Chinese support forum. We will try our best to help to solve your questions.

-MyBB China Team
greate work you guys
Is there a 1.6.x language pack for Chinese (Traditional) ?
Thank you,
Joni Buttke
I'm currently working on a 1.66 Traditional Chinese (Taiwanese version) translation; seems like nobody updated that language since the 1.44 version.
Please visit
A traditional Chinese community
請大家一起來使用正體中文, 歡迎一起來經營...
(2012-02-26, 01:12 PM)mkmy2012 Wrote: [ -> ]Please visit
A traditional Chinese community
請大家一起來使用正體中文, 歡迎一起來經營...

再說吧 huh:。
When I use this I get:


written infront of my forum icons, but only on my index page (main forum page).

Any ideas?