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Full Version: problem after installing new themes
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I've installed mybb 1.6 themes and the problem is the Images are not clear , and i've tried all the themes and still find the same problem
please have a look and someone help me fix this issue

[Image: 11.png]

[Image: 22.png]

[Image: 33.png]
Are you sure you uploaded all the images correctly?
i follow all the steps in the style files and as what i said before i have triad all 1.6 styles and still getting same problem
thanks for reply
does the default theme display the same?
(2010-09-13, 09:29 AM)adbrad Wrote: [ -> ]does the default theme display the same?

no it's good
woul you mind giving link so i can take a look at the forum.
ok no problem
I tried the theme on my site and it works perfect.
i signed up on your site with the same name i use here would you give me admin permission
ok i send you pm in my website
i sent you a pm on your site
i re uploaded the images and all is fine your pc must be corrupting the downloads or something
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