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Full Version: Real newbie! How do I remove link on logo image?
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I simply want to take away the link that's attached to the logo.gif image in the header, that's all as I want to change the image and have no link.



Admin-CP -> Templates -> Edit/Delete -> *your templateset* -> Expand -> header -> Edit.

Search for:
<div class="logo"><a href="$settings[bburl]/index.php"><img src="$theme[logo]" alt="$settings[bbname]" border="0" /></a></div>
Replace with:
<div class="logo"><img src="$theme[logo]" alt="$settings[bbname]" border="0" /></div>
I'm sorry, I must be quite thick! I'm so used to editing code in, say, Dreamweaver or PHPed. I'm not used to using a control panel system like this. I'll say this though, I like it. Thanks.