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Full Version: Forum Contains New Posts Image not displaying
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Hi Guys,

I've got mybb forum set up locally and all is running to plan. I've got a problem with the "forum contains new posts image" - it just displays off and on for me, mostly never! I'm using the Novus-Ocean Theme if that helps!

I have cleared my cache and cookies imagining it may have been something simple and I've also checked my image path and all is in order so I'm sort of stumped now. I'm using the latest version of mybb 1.6 aswell.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks Blush


ps: Sorry if this is a repetitive question, I've been searching through the Forums for ages but I'm only assuming my search terms are a bit obscure as I didn't find anything!
Can I see the site you have this problem on?
Hi Ferron,

I'm working locally so it's localhost I'm working on at the moment - perhaps this is my problem? I'm going live with it in a day or less than that I'll post the link here, sorry to be of nuisance!

Thanks for your reply, I'll post the link asap!
in localhost there some difference... for example for me it's language problems, etc... and many other hidden differences
Hi Maj,

Thanks for your reply - I hope that this is the only thing that's wrong, usually the solution is always something simple! I'll post the link later today I'm nearly done - sorry for the delay

Ok here is the link of my Forums just got it up sorry for the delay!!

Thanks in advance for your guidance!
Are you running 1.4 or 1.6?
I'm on the latest 1.6 Ferron - I've just noticed since I put it up and people have been interacting the new post images are now displaying! Must have been my localhost installation as suggested!

Thank you for your time Ferron I appreciate it!! All seems to be in hand now thankfully! Smile