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Full Version: Editor Problem
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Good Night

-Title: The title problem with editor ( Post]
Forum-Version: 1.6
-Update: from 1.4 to 1.6

After upgrading to version 1.6 to create the post editor is deconfigured, and delete it and turned it up but nothing stays the same
editor also change to normal or office and is igual.otro problem is when you hover your cursor to make a font size or add video moves much

add some pictures to give you an idea

the first is normal, the second is like this in my forum, this also happens with the option to add videos and a new button that I installed
Read phonetically

[Image: original.png]

[Image: equivocado.png]
You're still using the 1.4 versions of the javascript. You'll need to have a look at reverting templates - when visiting the templates section of the ACP, go to the Find Updated Templates tab and have a look at the differences between your theme and the default 1.6 MyBB theme.
Any other user will have other comments or solution for this problem
the problem is that not a lot of changes or modifications to this platform
and I want to explain to me one more do you currently pco is the option that I have to change

thanks for your help
Not really sure what you're saying there; you've still got 1.4 versions of templates, so you'll need to revert them to default with the instructions Tom gave above.
Look for updates and leave as original but not change the editor
I still have the same problem.
There's lots of extra javascript on your website that might interfere with the editor. If you use the default MyBB theme, do you get the same problem?