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Full Version: In need of help
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Are there any places to get pointers on creating a custom theme. A friend of mine sent me here and told me to try out the forums but I'm kind of loss on what is what. I'm not good at coding by any means. I have already designed what I want it to look like with Photoshop but Im not sure how to fix it up for the forums. Thank you.
Ok thank you i will give that a go.

Edit: Ok I tried out that page and it has helped some but i still need help in places. For instance the design I made in photoshop it has the main background which works fine.

Then there is an inner background 795px wide which is kind of the main area. The text links are at the top of this page, the main links i mean.

Then there is a gray background at the top inside of the other which contains my banner. The gray background is more of a border around the banner so i can probably make that just part of the image.

Then I have one more, at the bottom I have a white background which is where all of the forum stuff goes like the topics and such. If anyone can help me out I would b emuch obliged. If it would help I can post a pic of what my template looks like. I still have to create the buttons and stuff for the inner pages but i'll worry about tha tlater.

I was actually designing this template and going to try and use it in phpbb but then my friend referred me to here. So far the forum is great seems to have a lot of features. I just need to find my way around stuff.