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Full Version: Help with HTML5 Audio tag?
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I'm trying to do a MyCode version of HTML5's audio tag, and I've got it working just fine like this:


<audio controls="controls" src="$1">Your browser does not support this, blah blah blah.</audio>

and I was trying to get something like this working:

\[audio\ ogg=(.*?) mp3=(.*?) wav=(.*?)](.*?)\[/audio\]

<audio controls="controls">
<source src="$1" type="audio/ogg" />
<source src="$2" type="audio/mpeg" />
<source src="$3" type="audio/wav" />

I got that working as long as I typed:
[audio ogg="link to ogg" mp3="" wav=""]blah[/audio]

Which brings me to my question, how can I do it to where I type something like this:

[audio ogg="link to ogg"]blah[/audio]
[audio mp3="link to mp3"]blah[/audio]

and have it still work?

In short, how do I have optional tags in a MyCode tag?
Make two different ones, one for OGG or WMV, otherwise you will need to make it a plugin Mycode
Well, I've already done that. There's no need for multiple tags, if there's only one file type, the <audio> tag handles them all, but I want to be able to specify more than one, because not all browsers support all file types. As it is, if I want multiple file types, I have to specify them all in MyCode, even if the url is blank.

I want to be able to specify one or two, without having to have the other urls blank, like:
[audio ogg="url" mp3="url"]blah.[/audio]

and not:
[audio ogg="url" mp3="url" wav=""]blah.[/audio]

But I guess you already answered my question, in that simple Custom MyCode does not support optional parts of a tag. And I don't know any PHP, so I guess I'll deal with it lol.

Thanks for your response.
Using (.*?) might not always be the best solution since that allows users enter practically everything in there
ohai Nervo. :p

but what else can I use? I know literally nothing about PHP, and I've found no documentation on Custom MyCode.

edit: eh, whatever, I'm just going to attempt to make a plugin for it. :p Can't be that hard for something so simple, and I know some programming basics.
Oh but that's regex not PHP Toungue
See, that shows how much I know, haha.

Anyway, I got a plugin nice and made for the Audio tag, now I'm adding the Video tag. ;D