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Full Version: RSS feed in short summary
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At present rss feed showing full thread how to convert it in short summary?
can someone reply pls
need some help pls
this is one missing feature on mybb, please someone take this seriously and give a solution because I don't want someone to be able to steal my content and post on their using some type of auto feed posting script. I want my posts full content secure and I want to allow only summaries on mybb feed or syndication feed.
(2010-08-22, 02:57 PM)AKT Wrote: [ -> ]can someone reply pls
need some help pls
Why do you feel the need to keep on trying to bump your thread before 24 hours has passed??

And if you're using an RSS Feed plugin, you need to request that feature be added in that plugin thread.
gaara, you misunderstood what that person is asking for

on this rss page we see full articles

instead he wants summary of posts in rss feed
How to get RSS feed in short summary instead of full thread description.
I have got no idea. If you're using an RSS Feed plugin, go ask support there.
No need for the duplicate - merged.
but help still required to convert RSS feeds into short summry
Please Helpppppppppp
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