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Full Version: MyBBPlaza - Relaunch and Posting Contest
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Hello MyBBer'

Me and Kieran have re-released MyBBPlaza!!! However we have decided not to have to a custom theme due to complications.

MyBBPlaza is a friendly forum where you can download mods for free using a "Post2Download system".

To download anything from our downloads page, you need MyCredits. Once you have MyCredits, you may use them to purchase anything from our downloads page. Each plugin author gets to chose how much to sell his/her mod for, however the recommended price is 12 MyCredits.

Here is the key which will explain how many MyCredits you earn for each action.
4 MyCredits Per Reply
6 MyCredits Per New Thread
0 MyCredits Per Character
0 Earned MyCredits For Thread Starter On Each Reply
12 MyCredits Default On Signup
MyCredits Per Poll Creation
MyCredits Per Poll Vote
0 Min Characters Required

The staff at MyBBPlaza do add plugins, however all members of the community may add plugins to our downloads site, or open a thread in our release forum.

To kick of our re-launch, we have a posting contest.

What is a posting contest?
A posting contest is a competition on who gets the most MyCredits in a set amount of time. The user with the most MyCredits gets rewards.

Who is allowed to participate?
In this competition, all members are allowed to take place.

What are the rewards?
We have 3 different places and with each place, are different rewards.
First Place:
  • 3 months of 'Unmetered' hosting on MyBBPlaza's VPS.
  • Free subscriber upgrade for 3 months.
Second Place:
  • 2 months of 'Unmetered' hosting on MyBBPlaza's VPS.
  • Free subscriber upgrade for 2 months.
Third Place:
  • 1 months of 'Unmetered' hosting on MyBBPlaza's VPS.
  • Free subscriber upgrade for 1 months.

When does this contest end?
This posting contest will end on October 9th. Within that time you will have tonnes of time to make some posts Wink

How do I apply?
Well, all you do is post in the thread on MyBBPlaza

We hope that I have explained enough and we hope to see you on MyBBPlaza winning the contest Wink

You can track the winners here,


Thanks, and hope to see you there
Very nice community Conor. Toungue
Pretty cool. Just joined. Hope I can help out ;-)
What happened to your custom theme? :p
Great to hear the relaunch of MyBBPlaza.
(2010-09-19, 12:37 AM)darkly Wrote: [ -> ]What happened to your custom theme? :p

Complications Toungue

Great to see some new members
(2010-09-18, 05:08 PM)Malcolm. Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice community Conor. Toungue

(2010-09-18, 05:51 PM)BrianRR Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty cool. Just joined. Hope I can help out ;-)

(2010-09-19, 01:08 AM)Praveer Wrote: [ -> ]Great to hear the relaunch of MyBBPlaza.

LOL, this play never ceases to suprise me. The forum is using a freely available theme and has 70 posts. ANY other person that wasn't a staff member that posted a site with the same theme and posts would get slated.
@ Aaron i know. Kinda sad.

Though maybe i'll join, just out of a spamming impulse,