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Full Version: Change text color of text circled
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How do I change the color of the circled text from black to white?

go to Themes - Modify / Delete - pick your Theme - then find
Active Breadcrumb Item and put in the colour u want in Font Color
Umm just to add something.

in Simulationcity's case, he have circuled an active breadcrumb item, but it is the main one! so in case he moves into other pages, colouring the activa bread crumb will only affect the last part of the navigation.

so just in case you want to colour all the navigation, you will also have to change the Navigation Breadcrumb

Thanks I was trying to figure that out. I changed the Navigation Breadcrumb to Black but it still shows up as blue
If you are talking about what appears in the screenshot! i mean when u are in the index page, then this is an active breadcrumb, when you go into a forum, the breadcrumb of the page u are in will become active, and the rest normal breadcrumb

i hope you got me Confused