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Full Version: 403 Permission Denied
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Just started getting this error message when trying to access my admin panel. Haven't actually done anything so am a little baffled as to why this might be!

Any suggestions gratefully received!

On Actually renamed admin to something else to make it more secure, when I first installed Mybb. Was fine yesterday so this is a new problem. Haven't made any chanegs.
What version of MyBB are you running??? You shouldn't be getting these errors unless you have 1.4 code running.
I am definitely running 1.6. I haven't installed any plugins that are not meant to be compatible with 1.6. Could it be that one of them has incorrect Compatibility settings?
1.4 plugins are not going to work on 1.6, there were plenty of announcements that stated this. Open up the plugin file, and change the compatibility from 14* to 16*.

It could also be that the plugins use old style links for the AdminCP or that the admin folder doesn't have 755 permissions.
Yes, I said I didn't install any plugins that were not designed to be compatible with 1.6 and I have just checked and none of them are for 1.4.
Have you checked that your admin folder has 755 permissions and the files inside have 644??
Ok. None of the plugins are for 1.4, they are all for 1.6. I have only installed plugins I think that come from reputable plugin designers. How would I find out whether any of them use old style links to admin?

The admin folder definitely has 755 permisssions.
I can rule out old style links as a cause.
Do the files inside the admin folder have 644??

If that's correct, then likely you have a misconfigured mod_security on your server.
Ok, I just looked at all the folders inside the admin folder. All the files are 644 and all the folders are 755.

A misconfigured mod_security? How would I check that? It was working fine yesterday! :'(
Ok, I just renamed .htaccess and can now login, so somehow I corrupted my .htaccess. :'(

Will recreate my .htaccess. Many thanks for your help!
You'll have to ask your host to see if mod_security was tampered with. In all honesty, I would suggest turning it off.

If that didn't work, file it as a bug as I'm all out of options.
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