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This is my newest site, and i think it has potential. After trying to get support on and realizing that there not very open if you have warez or hacking material i decided there needs to be a place where regardless of what content your forum has you can get support, fast. And i haven't seen any forums that are solely for mybb support.

Sooner or later im going to recruit a support team that will assist users, so if you know alot about MyBB and can support users go ahead and register.

Also i know its not customized at all at the moment my FTP's dicking up because it was just made.

Tomorrow i will get a theme a logo and a bunch of other stuff.
Another website like this? Seriously, don't we have enough?

Also, tip - never release a website until its complete! That includes a custom theme!!!!!!!!
I partially have to agree with Cohen. Any website topic is fine, as like as you present yourself originally. However, using the default Mybb theme is just tacky. You should get yourself a custom one, or at least find something from the mods site.

Sorry, but because you've been denied support, you're not allowed to showcase any forums here.
We allow people who have been denied support to showcase their sites, so long as the sites they are advertising do not contain hacking, warez, porn, etc. The reason why we deny all support to people with who have been denied support even if they run another legitimate site is because we can't determine which site our support is actually benefiting.
Closing for the time being, PM me when/if the site is back up.