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Rawr! It's the Super Perfect Awesome Message Bulletin Board!

I've gone ahead and created another general discussion bulletin board, but with a bit of a twist: instead of trying to keep spammers and spambots out, I'm doing my damnedest to get them to register! Why? Well, I've got a custom plugin that will help track the countries that each spammer is from, and the basic stats are displayed publicly for the benefit of others.

Is it useful? Probably not, but it'll be kind of interesting to see this data live.

I've gone with the free domain, since it's at least a TLD and I don't have the money yet to buy a real one.

Don't be afraid to register, as the bigger the board, the more likely I'll get spam!

I'm starting out simple, with a web design forum, a general topic forum, and the site news/management forum.

Once again, the forum is at
You should post feedback there. I've even started the thread in the critique forum for you, and registration is as simple as filling out the form! No checking emails and making sure they're getting through, and no waiting for some doofus to activate your account, just fill out the form and start posting!

Edit: Yes, I know that right now I have nothing in the Spam Statistics page. That's because at the time of writing this I don't have any spammers yet.
Best. Forum. EVER!
This is awesome would be cooler if there was some way to automatically get reported spam bots sent to something like stopforumspam.
Oh i remember this! I have some tips. Add your forum to your sig, tons of spambots come from MyBB. DP, and other webmastering sites are good too.

Best of luck with your forum!
(09-23-2010, 07:45 AM)Alex Smith Wrote: [ -> ]This is awesome would be cooler if there was some way to automatically get reported spam bots sent to something like stopforumspam.

Well, I have to move them to the spammer group manually right now. Maybe in the future I can get the plugin to do it if enough people report a bot.

I do need to fix the plugin as right now it's having difficulty finding the "bot's" country.

I'm using the free GeoIP database right now and have little experience with it...
Okay, WTF. I post the relaunch of my main site and I've got 30 spam accounts within 2 days, but I post this and nothing?! They know...
For those that care, I got the Spam Statistics page fixed. It now displays the spammer countries like it should. Now I just need to attract spammers!
Okay, so a couple of things have happened. First, I've switched hosts. I'm no longer leeching off of my main site's account, and instead have a completely separate account over at WebHostingFox.

Second, I've added a Donate button, which has a page all to itself. You guys (and girls; I'm not sexist) had damn well better use it! Toungue

Third, I've given out a call for all of my visitors to spam the link everywhere. What better an advertisement eye-catcher than irony, right?

Hopefully I will finally be able to make some damn money off this site. I doubt it, though...
That's a great idea. Keep up bro.
Love the colours and the idea! Fanatstic!
Really interesting. Good luck!
Comeon people! Add a SpamBB.TK link at the bottom of your forum! I've sent it already from Tm0! Your part.
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