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Full Version: My first site ever. Please rate
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Seems nice?
Get your users posting a little more, you don't direly need tabs now, you could do without it.

Good luck.
I like the theme but thats all I can say since I can only view 1 post a guest... IMO Thats a turn off for joining.
I like the theme, and good to see you've invested money into it. I see a future for your site. Though, make sure to keep it active (step 1 - post yourself. Wink) and I'm not sure about the tabs. Unneeded for now, but still nice.
Did you permission to remove the copyright from Justin for the theme? I can tell just by looking at it that you used apart as the base for the theme.
That theme does not belong to you, therefore you have stolen Justin's theme and removed his copyright.
Its not a good start for your first website , you should never remove copyright of other peoples work unless you have permission and also hacking material is forbidden here.
And the hacking content will mean a loss of support.
I don't think Justin would appreciate you claiming his work as your own.