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Full Version: Does my theme look ok?
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I am looking for some constructive criticism as well as comments and ways to improve my online community's theme which can be seen below.


Very nice site you have there Marc.
very clean looking, I like the mirror effect below the text at the top, nice job
Yeah, I think it looks pretty good. And I defintely like the vB look to it, very nice.
Thanks a lot.
Is there any way that you think I can improve it?
Hmm I'm trying to think of what to say but not sure what to say about it. It's nice I like it. But maybe since it is a gaming forum I think how about putting forums for each console or forums for old gen, next gen, pc, etc... Even subforums in general gaming would be ok. Would just help keep things sorted that way.

But i really like the overall design. Nice and stylish.

Oh btw, when looking at one of the topics that had a lot of post in it I did have a bit of trouble making out one post from the next. I don't have my glasses on though so I can't see the best right now either.
I think the glossy look gets a bit overdone sometimes, and the table stretched to 100% isn't my favorite...

But other than that, no criticism.
You're theme is superb, well done!
Thank you once again. Smile
yea, red , such of pro Smile
nice skin
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