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Full Version: What do u think of my theme
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dose my theme look ok ?????

My Forum

if u have any idaes on how i chould make it better plz tell me
I relaly like it, it looks nice and simplistic like. But I do suggest centering some of the things at the bottom like the footer links. Someone suggested this to me on my theme and it really made a nice difference.

Also you need some space in between Help and Mark all forums near the bottom.

Oh also this is just my opinion but I really don't like having to register on forums to view the threads. It's frustrating on tutorial forums and such to want to see a tutorial and then turn back because you have to register on each and every forum it seems. I know yours isn't tutorial forum but if I wanted to see some specific game topics or help or something it may be troublesome to some people.
where do i go to center the footer links?
muphil Wrote:where do i go to center the footer links?

Try this, go to Themes >> Modify/Delete >> Select your theme

Scroll down to where it says bottom links menu and insert this in the extra css box.

text-align: center;

I think that's how i did it.
hwo can i do this
Oh sorry your bottom links are already centered i got confused. I mean the footer where it says mybb is kinda awkward on the left. Sorry about that, but from that image I didn't understand what you meant or what you are trying to do?
oh that's a nice theme, but the forum legend is messed


I'm starting to tell everyone this but...

I think people need to do more cosmetic modding to their forums. Because right now everyone's forums look the same.

The only reason my forums haven't been modded yet is because I'm a little busy with my mods and school... Sad

Actually, I think I'm gonna do some now. ^_^
I'd like to try and do some different things but for now I'm still learning how to do basic theming. I've made lots of photoshop templates and stuff over the past but never really have been good at coding and such and I didn't know about MyBB until a few days ago. I really like it's editors.
well have you looked at my board ! i didn't make a complicated style! but i guess it's a simple but cool one!

watch up for the detailsWink small things were modified Smile
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