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Full Version: [Release] Adult Pink [1.0]
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Title: Adult Pink 1.0

Compatibility: MyBB 1.6 / MyBB 1.4

Description: This is a Pink and Black theme with a adult vibe. Is has s new sets of buttons, new CSS effects. When I saw MyBB lacks themes for adult forums and many people looking for this kind of theme, I decided to create this theme. This theme is updated from the previous version. Its now fluid width and it has more compact panel. This is a another color version of the Adult Red theme.

For demo visit YuvaPix Demo site, change the theme to Adult Pink using the quick theme changer.


Note: Logo PSD included with the package.

Alternate Download Link:
I dunno, the whole thing doesn't make much sense. Tons of wasted space, thead is too big. The idea is good though, you could make it nicer. MyBB could use some more of these. I mean, not everyone runs a happy gaming forum. Toungue
Actually I just changed the color of the previous version, not much update from the previous version in terms of template edits. It will be done in 2.0 for sure. Smile
Alternate download link added.
the idea for the adult red was unique, nice to have another version of that.