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Full Version: Wanna make a theme to match?
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Can anyone make a great theme to match

I tried to do it and I just dont like it. Anyone willing to make something good?
no offence but why would people be intrested in you that much?

Have you tried reading that? It helps more than you think. All you have to do is make your own, if you run into problems just ask a question. I find MyBB much easier to edit for than other software i've tried.
The demand for phpBB themes is quite big these days since there are few decent themes published. If you really want one, it might help to offer an amount of $.
No need anymore. I fond a guy for $345 to do two sites.

To answer your question Immerson, I was born at 1lb 8oz and from what i have heard the only male survivor of all of the things that I developed from being a preme. So, the point is to tell people the story and see what comes of it. When i was a baby, they put me on the news. I also do some motivational speaking and media design stuff.