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I thought I would inform you all of my gaming forum that I opened up a few weeks ago.

We are a gaming forum for PC and all major consoles, we have a great community so far and would like to see some more people joining it.

Soon we will be having gaming tournaments for prizes as well as on forum tournaments for prizes. But first we want to see our member base grow.

So check the site out and I hope you sign up and get active.
It looks great... i love the colours
Fantastic domain name, good looking theme, and well structured.

Your gaming forum is great!
Thanks guys! We have been trying to make it as unique as possible to stand out from the other forums around. Soon we will be having gaming tournaments, as well as forum contests for prizes like Iphones. But at the moment we just need our memberbase to expand further.
Would be great to see some more reviews.
Ha... I have! Perhaps we should merge!
It looks great, the theme, the layout is amazing. There arn't too many sections either which is good news I suppose.

Good luck in all. Smile
It doesn't load.