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Full Version: [PAID] Custom theme needed
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This theme will be for one of my projects:
Our system is going to be the most advanced portal/cms that mybb has ever seen! So when designing...please keep that in mind.

1. Link to portfolio
2. Ability to work off a psd file
3. Font for logo must be "never say die" which is included with this post
4. Time to complete (2-4weeks)

$30.00 or best offer (for the sake of friendly competition)

Misc. Info:
I will be designing a "rough draft" via photoshop on how I want it to look. But you are free to add goodies to it (dropdowns etc...)

If you have any questions, please post here.
No pm's please

Damion might be interested in this, shoot him a PM Toungue
I would refer Sukanjan.K, you can PM him.
Messages sent. Thanks mark and anurag!
Designer found, mods can close this request.