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Running a forum about Japanese fashion has been an idea I've been mulling for several years now. I ended up opting to start a blog instead, and the HA·RA·JU·JU Tumblr came to be. However, I was never able to fully let go of the idea of starting a forum. After realizing there really weren't any good ones already out there, I got to work. And here we are, launching the HA·RA·JU·JU community!

My mission for this site is very simple: I want to provide a community for lovers of Japanese and other alternative fashions, a place where style can be discussed in a fun, intelligent and interesting way. The online J-Fashion community is full of drama, ridiculousness and childishness and I want this place to be a refuge for those who've simply had enough of that.

We're launching now with what I think is a very solid release. However, there's a lot of functionality and features that I'm looking to add, some very soon and some a little later on, so please look forward to that.
Loads incredibly slow. I can't see the page yet.
(2010-10-02, 08:17 AM)iBf Wrote: [ -> ]Loads incredibly slow. I can't see the page yet.

You're the first to say this. It's been fast for me. It was likely just temporary.
I'm gonna try to send some of my "Japan obsessed" friends around your way, no garruntees, but i got to hand it to you, original idea. Theme could use a little work, footers much larger then it needs to be. I assume thats on purpose, personally, i don't like it but it kinda does fit. The news bar could be a bit lower, maybe a <br /> worth. I'm trying to be as hard as i can to try to find stuff wrong, but its just so impossible with you it seems.

I wish you the best of luck.
I love your blog, have been reading it for some time now. I think the theme can be upgraded, specially about the proportion of elements' sizes and space. There is some nice spacing between some elements, but in the tables everything looks so tight and forced compared to the rest. Otherwise, it's looking good.
Mark M, I agree the footer is quite large, this is the default footer from Block & Blue on which the theme is based, but I will likely make it smaller. Keep in mind this is not a board for the "Japan obsessed" -- this is a serious fashion forum, we're talking pieces that sell for $500-1000 is not an odd thing to discuss. It is not an anime/otaku thing.

Combus, thanks a lot for the kind words. Can you explain what you mean about tables feeling tight? They actually have a lot of padding, moreso than most forums. I think it's because we're used to seeing two columns before the topic name, but I took them out because I found them extraneous. Do you think I should increase the side padding on topic names? Or did you mean something else?

To be honest with you, I'm pretty happy with the theme and I think I made a lot of good steps with it in terms of increasing forum usability and breaking down barriers between the forum and the user. But I'm happy to hear more feedback.
Out of curiousity: Are you Japanese?

Nice site, by the way. I like the simple clean look.
If I had to make a suggestion, it'd be to lighten the background a bit (even just by decreasing the opacity 10-25%) and change the light grey borders, such as those around the container and search box, to something dark (#222 or so). Other than that, the theme isn't really my taste but it works. Good job.
Thanks, I'll try it out.
(2010-10-03, 04:53 PM)morpia Wrote: [ -> ]Out of curiousity: Are you Japanese?

Nice site, by the way. I like the simple clean look.

No, I'm Canadian. Thanks.
Scoutie, tried your suggestions. I didn't really like the lighter background, and I tried #222 as a border but it was quite jarring. I made the border slightly darker though.
Hmm, I 'spose. With that style/theme, imo, it doesn't suit neither dark nor light really Undecided
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