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Full Version: Apart 1 remove and fix round corners?
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I download Apart 1, the black and white theme.

Just been playing around with it, trying too get it to my liking and i've come to issues with the rounded corners.

I want to remove the round part from the bottoms of everything, i only want it on the thead, like the top of categories and also on them at the moment there is a small bit of white on the tip of the corners that i can't see to fix.

Any help appreciated.

Can see here:
I want it be like
Thats first example i found. Where top part where category name is rounded and bottom of category is just flat, sharp corners.
Also first thread link i grabbed.
If you go down to where it has "« Next Oldest | Next Newest »" that bar has a small white line above the blue background, how can i remove that?