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Full Version: MyBBPlaza - Its Back, and better than ever!!
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MyBBPlaza is back, and this time.. Kieran, AJ and Myself have been working very hard to completely change it!

It is no longer a personal mods site, now it is similar to LearnMyBB was, with tutorials made everyday on extending MyBB, and tips and tricks of MyBB. We currently have a few tutorials from how to recover lost admin password to adding a newsbar and with many more to come.

MyBBPlaza also has a forum and we would love to see you join! You can discuss everything MyBB as well as a general chat forum. If you need help, you may also post on the MyBBPlaza Support Forums!

Visit us today!

MyBBPlaza Forums


--Conor, Polar, and AJS
When I click Tutorials I get 404 Error
Fixed mate.
Thanks. Its a great site. Awesome theme and everything fantastic. Registered Smile
Great! Nice to see you back... again Toungue. BTW a heads up... We will be looking for tutorial writers soon Wink
I wasn't sure about the theme for a while, it's grown on me though.
Great Smile
The theme is amazing!
Nice to see so many like it Smile
Great design, much different from normal themes available.
Congrats guys.

I just found a thing (can't be called an issue). The header doesn't appear in the customize page.

If that was added, it would be much better.
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