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Full Version: CombatFace needs a theme!
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I've started another site once more with MyBB. This time it's a Combat Arms discussion board. I however am in need of someone willing to make images and possibly a little template coding for it's skin. What I'm looking for is...

-A darker skin.
-Images that would suit an FPS forum.
-CSS3 friendly. If not, compatible in most browsers. (So stuff like rounded corners would be nice.)
-jQuery intensive. (optional)

If you want a basis for the theme, I recommend checking out the actual Combat Arms site...

Honestly, I can't wait to see results Smile

Also, if you want to further discuss about it or ask questions, contact me on Windows Live Messenger. ([email protected])
Sorry for the "double post", but I'm wondering if anyone has interest in this... Sad
If your willing to pay give Damion a shout.
Sadly, I cannot use PayPal or anything else due to confidential reasons. :/