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Full Version: The C Community, come here to learn C and C++
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What about objective-C (Cocoa)? I tried to make one program in this language, but it was really difficult. I think it will have a great appeal among others, because these languages are indeed the most frequently used. Also like the idea that you do not make it exclusively for professionals Smile
objective-C sounds interesting, is it really a form of C programming?

Thanks for the comments Smile
you have to change your forum header, it looks very ugly

You can use the graphic header, that i have made in 2-3 minutes, but in my opinion it looks better than now.

I don't think it looks very ugly, though I do agree it doesn't look good.

I'll use yours, thanks Smile

Nobody wants to join?
How about c+-? Wink
THANKS for using the headergraphic,
it looks better now Big Grin
Agreed Wink
I'm gonna join so I can try and learn some C. Lol, I've always wanted too.
Cool, thanks Smile

More content is being added to the forums all the time.

EDIT: Also, I changed the name of the forums from "Adam Game Source Programming Forums" to "The C Community".
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