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Gaming Realm is a site I made a week ago and have been working on. Currently (before everyne barks at me telling me this), I am needing graphics. If you can help, please contact me. Gaming Realm is a forum that we aim to be a Gaming Community for all your gaming needs.

Link -

Sub-domain for now, but will get a domain in a month or so.

Please review it for me. I know entirely that I need graphics, so please do not tell me that.
The theme i hate :/ Also is free why you got to wait a month?
The theme isn't exactly great, and you're using a sub-domain. Also, why say that you're going to get a domain within a month? That is another type of sub-domain and they are free so you could just grab yourself one at any time.

Anyway, grab yourself a better domain & modify your forum a bit and it shouldn't be too bad.
I apologize for the theme. I had meant to put another theme as the default. Changed so can you give suggestions now? Ok I will get the domain asap.

@xHtmlPhP, modify the forum in what way?
No original header, no original theme, no posts, no domain even... There's nothing to review here.
(10-05-2010, 03:37 AM)Dark Abyss Wrote: [ -> ]Please review it for me. I know entirely that I need graphics, so please do not tell me that.

Then what do you expect us to review? There's nothing there. That's MyBB almost fresh out of the box.
Forums, sub forums, plugin reviews, etc
You've got too many forums, you've not customised the Apart Flame at all, and you have broken images in the header.

Plus, you have an Arcade, Blogs and Points that nobody will use.
How do I fix the broken images?

Um, how do you know that for a fact? I'm going to host contests for them.
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