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Site Name: - AdminMB
Site URL: - <snip>

Description: - We are happy to announce that we have downgraded to MyBB 1.6. We hope we become an active community by this we would need your help registering on the forum and help posting around the forum, To help re-build the activity. It would be appriected if any of you guys register to help me out with the posting.

I am looking for a few staff members which can help me out with the forum.
Private Message me at -

Your Name on the Board: - Ashley
24 hour bump.........

1) Theme? That one is pretty ugly, especially with the default logo. You should try get a nice/custom theme, and a logo to match

2) FAR too many forums! Especially considering they all have barely any content Sad

3)Whilst reading all the threads in your forum I found a thread asking "Is it easy setting up a hosting company?", and your reply was:
Ashley S Wrote:Not really no, You need to know how to do web design and template edits etc.

... there is a little more too it than that Wink
I know there is.. That's just an example.
(10-26-2010, 10:21 PM)Ashley S Wrote: [ -> ]I know there is.. That's just an example.

Erm no. Its not even close. I know three major server admins that no nothing about html and css. Its Bash and BSD/linux programming you need to know.
Ok, Stop going off-topic.
wow since when did mybb allow the showing of Vb based forums?
I am sticking with MyBB 1.6 now.
I am down grading now.

vBulletin is too much to handle what a waste of $100+ Confused.
Bump at request of the topic starter,

also he's working on a better theme.
Making my own custom theme Smile.