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Full Version: Porting an IPB Theme
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A site I'm "working" for has an IPB forum.
Because of recent issues with the hierarchy, we've deleted users/posts/threads, thus there is no need to use the merge system.
We're currently in the process of making a MyBB forum, because the owner is too lazy to delete the current IPB and re-upload.
I was wondering if anyone would be able to port the theme to MyBB.

If anyone could do this for me, that would be great!

That theme is awfull (no offense), there are much better free themes around here that would attract members better than that one. Anyway do you have permission to port themes over to another software? "Read the license and terms of the theme"

Oh and the website itself seems so unprofessional, grammar and spelling errors all over. Sorry had to be said.

Good luck in all. Smile
I never said I did anything to that site.
I thought that they'd just appreciate to have their old theme.
The theme is probably free, but they've paid, so I don't know.