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Promotion-Tools is a forum, where forum owners can come and advertise there site. When you post you get forum credits, then you can buy services such as posts, reviews and more with those credits. The site opened August 4th. But we had alot of downtime due to host switching and other things. But we opened 100% on October 4th.
These are our current stats.
Our members have made a total of 531 posts in 182 threads.
We currently have 31 members registered.

Feel free to join, and review the site here if wanted.

Thanks a ton!
Quote:When you post you get money

Sounds interesting, can you post a link here that shows the information regarding to this?
Its the newpoints plugin.
(10-08-2010, 01:50 AM)Tigierz Wrote: [ -> ]Its the newpoints plugin.

I believe Lufbra knew that. I believe he is saying that "money" is not the best word to use since one may confuse the not real "money" with real life "money". This may be because a lot of forums do allow cash outs. Consider changing the name "money" to something like credits.

The theme could use a little work, the transparency and the background don't really compliment eachother in this situation. Past that just get a little more content in the empty sections and your good.
Oh, okay..

The theme looks good and the website in general looks professional. Good luck. Smile
Thanks Smile