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This Site is all Mostly About Coding and Gfx and Tech Stuff..LoL

This is Not my Site but a Close friend of Minds.. Admin is Pretty CooL
How are we meant to rate your forum if all but the announcements section is private?? Confused
Showcase Rules Wrote:Listing your forum:

If you wish to list your website here it must meet the following requirements:
It must contain a MyBB powered forum
It must meet the support eligibility requirements (ie. No porn, no warez, no hacking, etc. & must display the MyBB powered by line)
It should display some form of customization or configuration from a default install
Users must not be forced to log in or register to view your board
Please remove the requirement to register to view your board. Only announcements are visible which isn't really very good.

/Closed and Snipped