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Full Version: Free 100K impressions of 180*180 banner ad on a rapidly growing webmaster forum
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Submit your site here and win a chance of having your 180*180 banner displayed on each single page of the site on a prominent place as Site of The Month.

[link removed]

It is a unique webmaster related forum/site which helps webmasters in few unique ways. The most popular service is of exchanging forum currencies like exchanging Forum A currency with Forum B Currency. Site is in its 2nd month but averaging around 5000 PV a day now. Right now we have 5763 Posts in 741 Topics by 113 Members.

Hope to see you guys there.

erm... this is the showcase forum, the description mention's this:
Quote:Shameless promotion for your site and copy of MyBB here!
I see no MyBB there, just SMF.

And link removed.