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thatUltimateHost is the best new place to get quality Forum Hosting. We specialize in hosting different forum softwares like MyBB, IPB, vBulletin, phpBB, and more. Our staff will gladly assist you in the installation and general support of these softwares. We even have an auto installer to install popular scripts like MyBB, WordPress, phpBB and More!

Softaclous comes free with any registered Hosting Account.

We're ready to host your communities. We have the best servers and the fastest servers out there and we're ready to prove it!

Have any questions? Send us a message!

Lyndon Dueck
thatUltimateHost Owner & CEO
If you need any Support/Staff Help then you can PM me.
It's nearing the holiday season! We'll be offering lots of great deals for the holidays, including the ability to "Gift" hosting to friends & family!

We're also going to be providing super-discount sales to all of our registered clients!! These sales will be much better than the sales for newly registered clients so register today to take part in these amazing savings this holiday season!
Do you have your web server spec posted any where on your website? I cannot find that.
It's not posted, but if you send me a PM I'd be glad to provide you with that information.
Tried this host, not sure I like it.
Don't bring your personal conflict with me into a business matter please.
No, I'm not bringing that in. I just wanted to say I didn't like it much. But, I won't post again unless requested by you/staff.
We're Holding a November Special!

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