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Full Version: Light Blue Theme [first one]
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Well i have made this simple blue light theme... i hope u like it Wink

here are some screenshots

[Image: buttons5qt.jpg]

[Image: icons2co.jpg]

[Image: new1qg.jpg]


[Image: posts9sn.jpg]
sorry i forgot to put the download Toungue
The glow on the text is a little heavy. I'd reccommend a drop shadow, size = 0%.
not really my style...
I don't see anything wrong with it. I would like to see a demo of it though to get a better look. Nice job so far.
thanx for the opinions... i hope that the next theme could be better Toungue
I like it, I'm gonna use it on my forums. Smile
wonderful theme
very cool
Thanh you very much
This one is actually an option on my forum...I have a bunch of blue themes, as that is my favorite color! Smile I really like the buttons.