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Please come join us on <snip>
I suggest buying a TLD.
- Needs TLD as suggested
- Very dull looking with everything all grey, it matches the forums though, emptiness.
- Red/Blue worded Logo does NOT match the theme at all.
- Needs way more content

Fill up the forum with good contents.

Regarding logo, remove the stroke to make it more visible.
Thank you kavin. Smile
My, another non-TLD forum. And it even redirects to a subdomain of Even I got a TLD >_>

You might want to try and, you know, do something a little more... original. Professional. (Even though I shouldn't be talking >_>)
Thank you!
btw, I had to make a new account because my old account (eddy33555) is having troubles logging in and stuff. Sad
Please join guys!
(10-29-2010, 05:23 AM)eddy33555 Wrote: [ -> ]Please come join us on <snip>

(11-05-2010, 02:11 AM)DoubleOrange13 Wrote: [ -> ]Please join guys!

This is a "showcase" forum, somewhere where you can let other folks know what your new forum is all about, and Members here at myBB can comment about your forum. You're first post here asks to 'come join us", yet you haven't attempted to tell folks what your forum is about...Then later in this post thread you post "Please join guys"!!

So much for Showcasing....Here in this post thread you've done nothing that would possibly make folks interested enough to sign up to your forum!!

All the above is an INHO. Smile

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