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Hey guys!
I would like to invite you all to Chaos Gamers! We are a fun mybb community, that is pretty new, but lets just get to the point we are here because we love gaming! We are currently in need of traffic, so if you want to, come by and have some fun. We promise our admins will support you with all your gaming needs! Big Grin

We are currently looking for a little bit more staff including:

Advisors(AKA Global Moderators)
Web Designers(Only 1 needed)
Moderators(1 needed)

Come join the fun, and I guarentee we will try our best to provide you with not only a great mybb experience, but also the best community we can possibly be! Big Grin

P.S.: Thanks MyBB for letting me show the world and advertise my site a little. Big Grin
Is there an application for the Moderator Job?
Just tell me a little about yourself, why you think you would be good, and you future plans for my site. Smile Nothing that hard and complicated. Smile
Here or over there? Also, should I PM you?
Over there please just PM me, would be nice. Smile
What username are you? Blade or Chaos?
I'm Chaos. Big Grin
Hey good luck to you! by the way I recommend you get a TLD domain. And if you cant afford that, is an option.
Thank you Terrorz. And I'm trying to get us a .info domain. Wink
@Rob M. : I can't log in at your forums for some reason. Please reply.
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