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Full Version: logout and specify url for redirect
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hello-- I have added the ability to login and out from the front page of my site. Currently I'm using this url:

I was wondering how I could specify a a url to redirect to after logging out?
Hello there,

Please open member.php


redirect("index.php", $lang->redirect_loggedout);

just change index.php to what you want

how do I specific a url without changing the member.php file. Basically I just want the same ability as when u login and specific a url to be redirected. Get it?
you are talking about a mybb logout process! how you want it to redirect to a page without editing the member.php?

for both login and logout there is a redirect message in the member.php that will direct you to the index whenever you logout or login.

so to change the final destination after a logout or login withthin mybb you should edit this file.

You cannot change the url without editing the member.php file.