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My new custom design community. Where people can request custom designs to be made for them.

I will soon be hiring people (yes, it will be a paid job obviously) to help me design and keep up with demand once we take off.

Please rate the forum so far.

Currently there is still a few things I need to update (a few images), but not much.

Feel free to review my designs:
Feel free to give me testimonials if you've done business with me:

Please rate the website here. Smile What do you guys think?
The site looks nice! A little simple but nice.
Simple is what I was going for. Smile

Thanks Lyndon!
Your designs are pretty good. Congrats Dialatic for the new company.

Though i would suggest a more attractive design for your company, because it attracts more customers in my opinion.
Thank you kavin. Smile

I'm updating it a bit, so it's a graphic community where anyone can sell custom designs and such (I'll keep my portfolio and stuff there too, and allow others to create portfolios).
I like the thread listing, very clean. Reminds me of what I did on Harajuju. You should do custom postbit icons I think, though.
Yes, I have a few more ideas to do before I really start advertising. Smile