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Full Version: Colorful groupimages
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[Image: preview.png]

What do I get?
By downloading this groupimages set you get 9 pre-made groupimages (as seen in preview) and fully organized PSD file to quickly create more groupimages that will fit your forum.

Where can I download?
You can currently download this set from two different locations: Font and icons?
Font used on these groupimages is Trebuchet MS (comes with Windows) and icons by FatCow from their Fam-Fresh icon set.

Anything else?
Yes. Please don't steal and let's try to keep the download only on these two forums, shall we.

All kind of feedback (good or bad) and/or suggestions to further improve this groupimages set is greatly appreciated and will be responded to Wink
Very nice group images! Big Grin
excellent, reputation will be added right away Smile
Thanks for the feedback guys and thanks for the reputation Dimon Wink
very very very very very very very very very nice Big GrinDDDD
(2010-11-07, 06:00 PM)Clear Wrote: [ -> ]very very very very very very very very very nice Big GrinDDDD
I'm glad you like them that much Smile

Groupimages have been approved in the mods database, link has been added to the first thread as well Smile

Awesome group images. Big Grin Will use it. Smile
Thanks Darkly, make sure to provide a link to the site where you'll use them, I'm always happy to see sites where my work is used on Smile
That is, if I want to use I have to give me the link ofroum? In this case, no problem: P
very clean and attractive
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