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Full Version: Add user rank images?
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How do you add user rank images to my forum? I've been trying to find out but I really want user rank images for my forum and not those stars. Thanks.
^ That link in your admin panel. Delete all in 'user stars'
In 'group image', add,

Or whatever your path is.
Ok thanks.

EDIT: Link is broken...
Or just go to users and groups > groups > registered
What else?
What I said above.
Remove the fields under 'user stars', and type the path to your image under 'group image'.
But... where? Its not in where you said it was.
[Image: f12be5490633b7d84cdfd6b42fc4ed65.png]

I don't know what you're not understanding.
Ok but this is what happened when I did it:

[Image: this.png]
Free MyBB hosts have very limited items in regards to customizations. You'll have to link off-site to achieve this function.

I prefer TinyPic. Smile
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