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Full Version: Need a logo[free]
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Hiya. I really need a logo. Here is the description-

This is what it could or might look like-
That includes the size. I would like it to be the same size like the pokebeach banner

Background- a beautiful Sunset

Text- Pokesunrise, for the font, I would like it to be similiar than the Pokebeach font in the link above, but not the same font. Just similiar.

Why the heck do you want all these logos???? And for free?????

I know your good enough to make your own. And why like Pokebeach??? Makes yours look like a ripoff site. I'll make it though, just don't expect the quality to be good.
Why do you want to look like that pokebeach so frigging much? Every post you want there theme, there logo. How many logo thread did this for you know?
@FPM: I don't want your logo. And stop complaining here and at pokesunrise about not being a Mod.
Um, lol? I wasn't complaining about not being a mod here. And at this rate, I don't want to.
You said on my Theme request:

"Or the Pokebeach theme. I believe they use the default MyBB theme. But since EPM is going to push it, I'll do it for him...

If only he makes me a mod again."
There, deleted it. Happy?

I tried my hardest to help out with your site. Look what you did. I tried to be nice.
[Image: 7a405db440034932063c2f5720e4ea0a.png]
^^ That's nice. But it needs to be a Sunrise in the background. Smile

@FPM: Look what you did too?! Your the one getting a whole bunch of warnings there for complaining a lot.

This discussion is now over.

Fine! I'll pretend it never happened! Happy now?


I'll make one anyways, just to be nice.
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