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Full Version: Need User Ranks [Free]
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Hello, can I get some user ranks, with a black background and red text, with each of them saying:

Super Moderator
Official Game Maker

I don't care the quality, I would just like them done. I'll try to keep this free for now.
[Image: JABL4.png]

come on man. can't you just make one topic for all this stuff
xD Seriously one topic would be nice.
Meh, sure. :/ Sorry.
(11-10-2010, 07:57 PM)FirePokemonMaster Wrote: [ -> ]Meh, sure. :/ Sorry.

Lolz its notta problem. I don't think there is any rule against it so your cool.

But yea... TheAdminZone (the link I gave you) has a lot of great user ranks if you want to just get some from there.
They look good, but none of them I see fits my forum theme.
Change your forum theme to match the buttons then.
Your forum theme is terrible, all that red is visually painful.

Red & Black looks great, but it's executed poorly.
Yeah, but the theme is supposed to go with my logo... :/

Anyways, I'll use the engraved one from if their is one with red text instead of blue.
I don't think it goes with your logo.
The Logo doesn't blend seemingly.

Here's what I mean:

On my 22" Widescreen monitor, the banner cuts off halfway on my screen.
If it does that, it should at least blend in with the background color.

Then there's the huge chunk of blank space on the right side of the banner that just look weird.

But have all those navigation under it.

Everything looks like one giant mess.

However, if you have everything lined up like this:

The banner seems to fit more, and the navigation is centered below it. Everything looks more neat.

But you still need to fix the theme. All you've done was re-color the original one, and all that red is visually painful. It is not attractive at all.

Oh crap man! I never actually looked at your site. Your theme is horrible.

Get a new one, I'll make you a new logo myself just rid the world of that theme.

Dear lord.
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