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I'm trying to get a code to show under the welcomeblock in its own separate template in global templates but it won't show, any help?
What code are you using to show the template??
I'm using HTML in it's own sub template in Global Templates.
That's not what I asked, what are you using to show it under the welcomeblock?? If you're just putting the name of it inside { } with a $ before it, that's not going to load the template, you need PHP to tell it what that variable means.
I'm putting {$welcomeblock} then under it the code i'm using, it is in a separate self created template.
Again, still not what I'm asking. Just post the code you are adding to get this code to actually show, post what you're putting after {$welcomeblock}
<!--Bouncy Ads-->
<div align=right>
<div style="max-height: 45px; max-width: 200px; overflow: hidden;">
<marquee behavior="alternate" direction="left" scrollamount="3"><b><a style= color:red; href=>Open</a></b></marquee> 
<marquee behavior="alternate" direction="left" scrollamount="7"><b><a style= color:red; href=#>Open Slot</a></b></marquee> 
<marquee behavior="alternate" direction="left" scrollamount="5"><b><a style= color:green; href=#>Open Slot</a></b></marquee>      
<!--End Bouncy Ads-->
Can you explain exactly what you're trying to do?
I'm trying to make that exact code show up on all templates inside the welcomeblock. As you can see here:
It is showing isn't it?
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