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Full Version: View signatures
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Is there a way to view users signatures when using the "managed view" in the "user & groups" menu in the admin area?

The reason I ask is becouse I also, like everyone else, suffers from the problem of spam registrators. It's not that obvious they are spammers until the start to spam, but some of them puts things in there sigs that should not belong there and I would like a view where I see all my members with there IP:s, mail adresses and there signatures.

BEEP over to you!
I would like to know this as well. Lately we've been having a lot of sig spammers sign up. Going to the users page, then going to their profile, checking, back to the users page, checking the next user, ban them because they're a spammer, and repeating is kind of time consuming.
I run a quick daily query on all users with url in their sig.
I don't want to disallow links in sigs completely (as I have one for exampleToungue) but prevent the massive work as described above...